The great divide created by the immigration issue in the United States has focused on the presence of 11 undocumented individuals in the country.  The main argument lies in whether they should be allowed to stay, or be sent back to their place of origin.

The legality of the laws written to protect specific interests is not weighed against the morality that underlies the creation of such laws.

That is why we are still concentrating on the visible effect of something that caused massive migration to the US and to the North hemisphere in general.

The so-called economic globalization has forced ‘legal’ agreements that have deteriorated the way of life in third world countries.

The creation of the NAFTA agreement has not benefited the workers and farmers here or abroad. On the contrary the subsidized products from the agro-industry have driven away from the land the small farm owners in this country and it also caused the pauperization of the peasants and indigenous peoples of Mexico.  There is strong resistance now in other countries of Central and South America to the imposition of the TLC agreements (same structure as NAFTA).

I call it an imposition because in each case the common people have opposed the trade agreement. Nevertheless, the ruling governor in each country decides to give away their future by signing the agreement as it has happened this past week in Peru before the coming presidential elections.

Part of these agreements makes possible the construction of new roads for marketing expansion of foreign products and many times taking away the land and the use of water from the local communities.

The poor and dispossessed have not reacted in anger.  Their first intention is survival. Therefore they become displaced from their native lands until they arrive in the countries that have produced their misery.  In this specific case, the United States.  Yet, they are eager to work, at any cost, anywhere, in order to support themselves and their families here and in their country.

The same presidents that signed off their land and future anxiously expect their share of  ‘remesas’ that may compensate the hunger and need that their country cannot provide for its citizens.   Once more the full cycle of winners and losers has been established.

The support and solidarity with the immigrants is not just a political answer to an issue. It is a matter related to morals, justice and love. All of them are universal qualities of humankind.

We cannot continue to regard the life of other people as something that we can discard.  We have to make an effort to analyze how our country and our own life has been part of creating the situation.

The immigration issue is creating a great divide.  The divide is not pertaining to whether people should go or stay.  The divide is related to whether each one of us is willing to confront his/her own life before this issue. The divide is whether we can find our own mistakes and assume a change, or we will continue to blame others for our lack or action.Before quick answers to the current issue, let us review the history of the issue and the causes of it; only then we can assume the responsibility of the decision -making.