Fund Raiser in St.Adalbert

By Tito and Rachel Guedea

St Adalbert’s of South Bend held a fund raiser for their school on Friday evening, March 28.  Generous amounts of delicious chicken, mole, rice, spicy pork and tacos were served to hungry diners.  Also included were cookies and soda.

A handmade quilt to be raffled was donated by Toni Fruits of Plymouth.  She has done this for a number of years.  The white quilt with large red and white stars went to Magdalena Lopez, one of the cooks for the event. 

Happy diners included families, middle-aged and older couples, political candidates and representatives from several local agencies.  Everyone left with the satifaction of a full stomach and the knowledge they had supported a worthy cause.

l. to r. Dora Rodríguez, Magdalena López y Paula Sánchez

People enjoying the delicious food

Brenda Seach (running for St. Jpseph County Recorder) and Ester Escobedo member of St. Adalbert’s who was translating for Brenda

Sgt. Christopher Voros (South Bend member of Regional Crime Intelligent Unit) and one of the attendees in St. Adalbert's school fund raiser