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Everything, it seems, is changing. Lives everywhere are impacted by sudden change at all levels.  Changes in political, social and financial levels are also creating dramatic changes in the way individuals relate to each other and how they see themselves.

Change is the way life is; yet we are afraid of change because is challenging and does not let us remain in the acquired knowledge or position.

If we were to learn from nature itself, we would arrive at the conclusion that life is only present as it re-creates itself.

When movement stops, things stop being what they are and become dead.

At one point or another we allow parts of our lives to become still and try to hold on to ‘security’ as the means to keep calm, but before the uncertain times that we are facing now, what we have is the opportunity to change and be alive!

Look at spring as a source of enlightenment and encouragement.  The capability to renew oneself is inside each one of us, and it moves and adjusts to the tune of nature.

I admire those who at this point in their lives are looking for new ways to make a living, new ways to present and to identify themselves not based on what they have, but on who they are.

I have seen brave men and women switch to different types of work, changes in their budget, how they buy and how they as individuals and families are creating new dynamics to go about life.

The young people and children take cues from this behavior. They will be better equipped to face the present and the future with the realization that life goes on and they are able to make the best of it, usually by dropping anything that is extra weight for the journey.

Human beings are meant to be sojourners and we must not forget that our time here is but a note of an enormous piece of music that will also go on after we leave.

Wealth and possessions in general are welcomed if they do not determine who we are. Once our entire life revolves around how to ‘keep’ and ‘maintain’ our status to the detriment of enriching our lives in new ways as we do things differently, then we start to die in some of our best parts.  We need times to do ‘nothing’, because in doing so we are allowing our spirit and imagination to refresh our ideas and create new possibilities. We need time to enjoy friends and nature. 

How many times has a child said  to you: “You do not have time for me!” How many times have you told a friend: “ I’m sorry. I’ve been so busy that I couldn’t call or see you before”.  How many times when is time to go to bed, do you recall the important things of the day and come back empty handed? The day probably was made up of many errands, duties and tasks and you feel empty, exhausted and hoping that tomorrow will be better.

Tomorrow may be better if we are capable of changing those things that consume our lives and do not let us transform.

During these very hard times people are finding new doorways to better themselves and most of them involve not acquiring new things, but letting go of old ones.





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