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Planting gardens has become the ‘right’ thing to do now.  I am all for it.  It not only gives you the opportunity to be in close contact with nature, but also, if you pay attention, you may get a lot of free advice from it.

One of the first things I learned about gardening is that you may follow all the rules that knowledgeable people tell you to follow, yet nature has a way of telling you that you are not in charge, changes may occur, and they do happen.

One never really knows if this is going to be a good year for tomatoes or eggplants. It is impossible to predict whether this year will have high, dry temperatures, or if it will not stop raining for several days, or even worse, if once everything is planted we get some nasty frost.

People who have never planted anything just go to the supermarket and complain about not finding this or that, or that things don’t look good or are very expensive. For those who do not appreciate how things grow and how they reach your table, it would be a good reality check to plant anything and watch it grow.

I had the wonderful opportunity not long ago of seeing a group of girls seven through twelve years old in their first encounter with planting seeds!  It was an exciting moment, watching them go through all the motions of filling small paper cups with soil, pouring in some water and looking at all the packets of seeds while choosing the ones they wanted to plant!  Even more exciting was to know that another group who had the same experience the week before were amazed to see the first green sprouts appear in the little cups!

The children are encouraging parents and friends to plant!  They may not have the dedication and patience to follow through with caring for the plants throughout the season, but what a rewarding intergenerational experience it is when some of the excitement blends in with the knowledge and care from the adults and the advice from the elderly.

Isn’t that what life is all about? Learning and working together, not just buying ‘stuff’ everywhere?  Don’t we all learn to have respect and high regard for the work of others once we learn how hard they work to provide the food that comes to us?

The time spent planting, caring and gathering together, is the famous ‘quality time’ that psychologist talk so much about.  It is in the loving work that we do together that we learn about each other’s thoughts and dreams. We learn about each other’s handicaps, and strengths. We also learn about the specific talents that develop through working and living with others.

The constant message from nature is to remember how all creatures on earth are here for a reason and we depend in each other for the general welfare of the place. In saying so, I am referring not only to the neighbors, relatives or friends.  I am talking about the water, the air, the soil, the animals, the insects that surround us here and that live in other spaces far away that have the same needs as us.

As I mentioned before, every season brings us free healthy advice from the universe itself; is up to us to listen carefully, or continue living without any notion of where we are or why we are here.







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