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  • Edición impresa de Abril 19, 2011

It is not the load that weights us down__ it’s the way we carry it. It does not cease to amaze me how during difficult times, some find the most extraordinary solutions to their problems while others become defeated by them.

There have been a good number of people affected by bad weather in the United States. There has been a larger quota of flooding, tornadoes, blizzards that have left people without homes and in some cases without hope.

Yet the response to the calamities differs from one to another, and is not necessarily a matter of gender, or age.

One can see an elderly woman looking at what little was left after a tornado, and even though she feels the loss of belongings and security, she acknowledges that life is more precious and she adds: “I was not taking any of it with me anyhow.”

As we go about our regular day of business, which includes buying and accumulating, do we stop to think that we also are not taking anything with us?

Since a very young age we are encouraged and teach the same to the following generation about “achieving”, “reaching”, “acquiring’, and let’s not forget about ‘saving’, ‘investing’ and above all ‘do today’ because you have to ‘work for the future’.

I don’t know how many todays I did not live, because I was investing in the future.

I wonder if the lady was also thinking about the pictures, mementos, presents and necessities that gave meaning to her life and were blown away in one moment.

There was someone else who was in complete despair after the tornado. He was lamenting all the loss and feeling that there was no place where to go after this.

Have you ever felt that way?

I asked the same to some refugees from Laos that I met one day. They brought nothing with them. They did not even want to come, nor were they thinking about traveling or parting away from their way of life.

How many times do people that left everything behind after war or violence, have to start over again.

Like the renewal of the spring, life always presents us with the opportunity to have a new beginning. Starting out with nothing also gives us the opportunity of not having to carry much as we walk into new situations.

I believe bad times are bringing the best in people in the United States. New ventures and ways of working have appeared; more people are committed to the land and to better relations with their neighbors. There has been less to go about, but people are feeling lighter and with more precious time in their hands.

I see more young families enjoy time together, participating in activities and exercising more.

I do hope that the change has brought new dreams and paths to the new graduates as they prepare themselves to leave their status as students, that soon they find that studying is an ongoing activity, and a very pleasant one.

A wise poem says: ‘Seek as someone who knows that he will find,

and find as one who knows that he must continue to seek;

For it is written, that he who has reached his goal

has only began a new path’

So it all depends in how we look at difficulties. Wise people count their blessings, fools their problems.






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