Politics is the theme of the day and is expressed in everyday life.

For example we notice that the good weather has arrived and with it all sort of festivals; the Ethnic Fair at Goshen College, 5 de Mayo celebra tions and Mayfest in Shipshewana. The people from Michiana will be invited to all sorts of entertainment; jazz, sports, food festivals, ethnic festivals, music festivals. All these speak well of a very diverse people, with multi-interests. The show of ethnicities, languages and folklore tells us that Michiana has become a healthy salad of distinct cultures that try to enjoy each others presence.

There are some commonalties though. People from all cultures want to live in a safe and friendly environment. They want the right to work and pursue the best they can get from life. Families want to be able to raise healthy, well educated children. Therefore we have to assume that everyone in the area wants a peaceful living.

If we take a look at the current political arena, we start to see a more diverse representation in this elections. Such diversity reflects the change in population. Some Latino names have began to appear and this also raises some questions from the resistant members of the community who do not want to see a change. Changes are difficult but societies have to grow and mature. A society without movement produces stagnation and death.

Hopefully Latinos will be participating more and more in their responsibility as voters. Let’s hope that each one will vote after analyzing what the candidates offer. Both parties continue to court the Latino vote even though they know that this increasing population not always can or will participate in the elections, but they wisely foresee that the growing numbers of young people are getting ready to look their way.

Especially after the primary on May 7, follow closely the political platforms of the candidates. Anyone who thinks that by not participating he/she is avoiding being political is really giving away his/her vote. That is also a way of being political by putting your power in the wrong hands.

In order to see it clearly; if you see two people fighting and you look the other way, are you participating? Are you making sure that the right thing is being done? Not getting involved is avoiding your responsibility.