So far, May has been an extraordinary month because of the many celebrations. There is more and more diversity to celebrate and the towns and cities try to bring together the people under an umbrella of joy, food, music and entertainment.

The most important of all is that children learn from peoples of other regions of the world. The downside of it is that it never goes any further so as to show why so many have escaped from their own countries and are now here.

Also as a matter of celebration is the fact that many of the students in the area will graduate, thanks to the joint efforts of students, parents, school and even the community at large.

We will be presenting a list of the names from the community schools of South Bend, Concord, Elkhart, Goshen, Ligonier and Fort Wayne.

We should be proud of the many students that made it and keep on supporting those who are coming after them.

There are also a good number of Latinos graduating from colleges and universities. We hope that they are ready to come back to their communities to be role models for the children still in school.

Sometimes adults do not see the tremendous effort and courage that children must have in order to face daily life in the school.

Usually when foreigners arrive, the first that is asked of them is to forget any previous knowledge, since most of the time it is not considered valid here.

Children soon learn that they have not only to learn a new language, but also assimilate the culture as fast as possible. The younger they are, the faster they will learn the language. Pretty soon after that they become the sandwich generation. They have to fulfill the new expectations brought before them by the school, and also keep the cultural ways of their families.

It takes courage and lots of energy to be able to finish school under such conditions.

Therefore, it is a collective dream come true when these children graduate. A big applause to them! May they never forget where they came from, and be able to work on behalf of the ones who look up to them!