I could spend endless time talking about everything that is going wrong abroad, or even locally. That would be a recount of death. Instead I want to commend the lives of resistance. In this valley of death, where bad news are fed daily to the people, it is amazing that common families are able to raise children, continue to work and even celebrate things like graduations and birthdays.

Raising children takes an enormous amount of care. First, the parents have to survive all odds in order to provide for the family. Nowadays, taxes help more the wealthy class than the workers. Jobs are scarce, and that gives the business owners the opportunity to lower wages and lay-off people. Food and gas are becoming more expensive every day and people feel that now every member of the family has to earn more and spend less in order to make ends meet.

In the midst of the economic and social pressure, parents care for kids, attend parent’s meetings and get more resources to pay for additional expenses at school.

The family also has to face pedophiles, drug pushers, smoking ads, porno movies and many other things that appear before them like a career of obstacles.

When you see the lines of students receiving their diplomas, you are looking at a group of victorious young people that have been supported by their own private heroes and heroines. The families that constitute the social fabric of this country have been behind the success of each young person that graduates from high school or college.

As a woman it saddens me to see all the care and effort join the force of death when the children go to war. I imagine that every woman feels that is a waste of life to put the best into someone’s life and see them part to be part of violence and death.

I hope that the parents of these new graduates will not have to feel the pain of sending them away to a foreign land where they are not wanted. As time passes, it becomes clear that going to war in Iraq was a mistake from the beginning. It has been a cruel, opportunistic action that has killed thousands. The mothers of those children also weep as the mothers of US children.

Common people, have traits that are not so common. As we see common people attending the graduation ceremonies throughout the country, we realize that day after day they resist death ad work for life. I think common families have a lot to teach the politicians and rulers of most countries.

I want to applaud the great contribution of the common families that give us hope of a future centered more in personal loving relations, than in the use of force and violence that destroy people and places.