By:Tom Little

Despite this past year being the “Year of Clean Water”, pollution of our rivers, lakes, and oceans is on the rise and we may be slowly but surely damaging our health with polluted drinking water.

“The twentieth century brought miraculous changes in techno-logy and industry,” says Dr. David Root, M.D., in his introduction to the book Clear Body Clear Mind, by best-selling author L. Ron Hubbard. “Our environment—our bodies—began to react to something new in man’s history: a continuous assault of man-made drugs, toxins and radiation.”

No matter how carefully we watch what we drink, we may already have industrial chemicals, pesticides and other dangerous toxins lodged in our bodies. Toxins like DDT, PCBs, dioxin, and mercury can get into the water we drink—and unfortunately the fish and other animals we eat may have been exposed to these toxins too.

L. Ron Hubbard found that toxins and drugs get stored in the fatty tissues of the body in 1977 when he did research into drug flashbacks and the long-term effects of exposure to drugs. He found that the accumulation of drugs and toxins in the fat tissue can reduce awareness, dull the senses, lead to foggy thinking and may cause serious physical distress. Subsequent scientific studies have confirmed his findings.

The book Clear Body Clear Mind, while it makes no medical claims and results may vary from person to person, includes many case studies of people who had serious problems stemming from toxins trapped in their body fat, and their stories of relief from doing the program.

In a time where people are consuming more water than ever—both through drinking it and using it to bathe, cook and clean—it is important to know how to reduce the accumulation of toxins in the body that this heightened water use can bring. For more information on the Purification program visit