Nations have a historical lesson to learn. Nowadays as the Iraqi war continues, it is time to review some of the history pertaining to the Viet-Nam war.

Thirty years ago the Viet-Nam war ended. The people of Viet Nam have just had the thirty years celebration of their victory. Thirty years have passed and they have been able to reconstruct the country and they now look at the present and future with hope and optimism.

Thirty years later, United States has embarked on another war. Like in the case of Viet Nam, every day there are more US citizens dead and many more Iraqi people not only dead but also injured. Their land, their cities, their people have been affected. Nevertheless like the Vietnamese, the Iraqi people are not welcoming the foreign armies in their territory.

How can you silence the people? How can you erase their resentment? Did they ask for the intervention and presence of others in their land?

During the Viet-Nam war the people in the United States were told that the war would soon be over, that victory was sure, meanwhile the people in the US territory and around the world continued to protest the war and the government continued to disregard their express mandate to stop the war.

How many homes were afflicted by the war? How many came back and were unable to adjust to this society after having been part of so many atrocities? And why was the country flooded with drugs and it was almost the beginning of a widespread use of drugs everywhere?

During the Viet Nam war the media kept telling people stories about towns welcoming the foreigners, but if that was the case, why were so many ambushed?

And today, why is it that the violence and war situation has not changed in Iraq? Are they really happy for the US presence in their territory? If they are happy, why is it that the bombs and killing continues?

Many of the US citizens have openly stated their disagreement with the war. They have expressed their discontent with the economic situation of the country. They have stated repeatedly their disagreement with the war-induced budget that favors only the military and increases the national deficit.

Are they listening? Is there a way to check what the administration does in between elections, or do they have the right to do as they please once they are elected?

I think history is not taught in schools, or we have not reflected on the events of the past.

Violence and death do not make good friends or long term associates. On the contrary, it multiplies the enemies. For each Iraqi dead, many more will raise their voices and arms against their oppressor.

Maybe is time to reflect on history and the effect of violent actions on others, and change our ways before our children and grandchildren have to pay the consequences of the accumulated hate everywhere.