Dear Editor,

The community meeting in Goshen last Friday stressed the importance of building bridges between people. I would like to name a few that are already in process or being hoped for.

LaCasa has been a strong resource, Diversity Study Circles (where we can really listen to each other) neighborhood associations (where people get to know one another and are involved in positive activities), a Community Relations Commission has been formed to deal with justice issues, 17 people in Goshen have been trained to lead Acculturation programs (for both adults and children), many are working as mentors (but many more are needed), United Way has compiled 1400 helping agencies in their data base which can be reached at Info Helpline ­ 574 293-8671 (interpreters are available).

Many classes and home visitors are available to help parents (CAPS needs many more volunteers to be trained), Boys & Girls Club, Campfire, Scouts and 4-H have strong programs to guide children, church youth groups abound, there are waiting lists to participate in language classes, we have two clinics, the Health Dept and a new dentist to reach people for health care regardless of income and schools work hard to honor ethnicity and teach conflict resolution. The list could go on.

Proposed ideas include a Welcome Committee for all newcomers and family exchange of Hispanics and Anglos. Surely each one of us can find a place here to help build a bridge or walk across one.


Mauveen Coyne • 1623 Spring Brooke Dr. • Goshen, In, 46528