May First, 2006, shall be remembered as a historic date in US history and also throughout the world. On this day the immigrants living in this country, along with people who supported them, showed the country and the world the value of the work and presence of immigrants in the economy of any of the first world countries.

Most of the Latino businesses were closed and people did not buy at any store.

Many others did not go to their places of work or to schools. Locally some had to go to work because they were threatened with firing if they were absent from work. Going around in several of the surrounding cities one could see the empty businesses and there was a lot of silence in the streets.

Meanwhile in the big cities there were multitudes and noise, but in any case it was the people who made the decision to express their discontent and demand change.

Even though the great demonstrations that started in February began to show a direction to the general movement, it cannot be said that a leader or group of leaders has produced this movement.  As it has been said by many a “A giant has awakened.” and it has expressed itself.  This Giant is the people themselves who for many decades have had to endure all sorts of social, political and economic persecution and now with the courageous presence of entire families has come out to the streets no yell” No More!”, “We are all are American!”

In places such as Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia and other countries in solidarity the people also supported the boycott by not buying any products from the US. Unions from several countries also expressed their solidarity during the Labor Day celebration that took place on May 1st, in most countries and identified themselves with the struggle of the immigrant people in US.

Anyone who understands what people displaced by the global economy have to endure, must be grateful to the immigrant people in each city and town of the United States who have shown discipline and with their behavior are giving the whole world a lesson.