To see the world with new eyes is what I wish for the new generation.  In this world in need of transition there is much resistance to new ways of thinking and acting, yet we need people who are able to rescue what is worthy from the past and be able to open new frontiers as we look at the future.

If we look at the history of world changes we see that it came to a point when common people could no longer tolerate their way of life.  There was a lot of injustice and the wealth had been accumulating in the hands of few while many went without the basic things needed.  At the same time newer technologies opened new work possibilities and ways to handle the environment.  

We are still living the end results of the industrial era when the feudalistic way to produce goods and the way people related to each other changed as machines began to be used and factory workers were more needed than serfs.  Also land ownership became secondary to factory property.  Several centuries have passed and the model has not changed.  The way to acquire and use energy has become more sophisticated, but still on one hand we have a massive group of workers and on the other, the proprietors of the factories and business.Nevertheless, business has grown in a disproportionate way if compared to the well being of the workers.

The owners have crossed borders and are holders of the land and the resources in many countries where the peasants were still living in semifinal conditions.  As the big agri-corporations arrived those peasants did not fit in the latest mode of production, nor did they have the tools to move ahead.Even in the first world countries as automation became stronger people were displaced. Only now have we arrived in a new place where people can produce more at a cheaper rate in third world countries.  It does not matter if what they earn is not enough or if the poor people in first world countries are also left with no means of subsistence.  We have now a hemispheric problem of South versus North.

Even though the raw material for commercialization come from third world countries their products and, worst of all, their people have less value now.

Why do we need new eyes?  Because we have to look beyond the issues that the media says are our main problems.  Nowadays in the US and Europe the main problem according to anyone is immigration to that part of the world.

Once more I ask. Why nothing is been said about the worldwide depletion of natural resources and how the big industries have monopolized those resources just for the benefit of a few at the expense of millions of peoples?

The way to utilize new means of energy has existed for some time now, but commercializing its use would mean a gigantic loss for factory owners everywhere. Just think about the changes needed in the auto industry in order to change from oil-based production to something else.  And do not forget that all the plastics, wrappings, and many other things come from oil.

We need new eyes to see Earth as the exhausted provider and people everywhere as having the right to be its beneficiaries and not its exploiters.

Wanting to make a simplistic change of giving more to the many disregarding how we all relate to earth and to each other would be a big mistake.  

New generation, this is your chance to embrace the earth and create new ways of relationships.