Newspaper ads drive online research, store sales

Is newspaper advertising getting a bum rap these days? According to a recent Google study conducted by Clark, Martire & Bartolomeo, print newspaper ads reach people at all stages of the buying cycle — inspiring Web research at the beginning and prompting in-store or online purchase at the end.

The study found that over half (56%) of Internet-using newspaper readers researched or purchased at least one product they saw advertised in the newspaper in the last month, with a 30% overlap between the two groups. Of those who responded to a newspaper ad by going online, 47% went directly to a URL they saw in the advertisement, while 31% chose to use a search engine.

Furthermore, some 48% of respondents said they would trust the product more if they saw it in the newspaper after seeing it online, and over half (52%) said they would be more likely to purchase that product.

Finally, the majority of respondents noted that newspapers are more useful than the Internet for learning about promotions, deciding where to buy and when to buy.  

Source:, April 21, 2008