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  • Edición impresa de Mayo 5, 2009.

The excessive wealth at the expense of others constitutes the cradle of current situations. Greed has created the bases for a mentality of open market that threatens those who cannot defend themselves from the waves of problems that hit them one after the other.

The downturn in the global economy, foreclosure of houses, loss of jobs, lack of medical care, etc are but the result of the overpowering greed that has taken over every field of life. 

Under the current circumstances there is only the offer-demand model and any and everything is marketable.

Medicine, churches, services have clients, render services and there are prices attached to them.  If the client is broke or sick the situation has to be fixed also under the client mode.  The client becomes the recipient of a lot of expert advice about how to pull him/herself out of the ‘shameful’ condition of not being a productive individual, since being a ‘human being’ is not good enough for this greed driven economy.

Greed has dehumanized all activities of the people, turning them into buyers that should consume in order to make the economy go and produce more richness for the already wealthy.

The latest case affecting people worldwide is the ‘swine flu’. I will not use the more sophisticated name that brings us away from the pigs, because it was the pigs that created the disease that is spreading to many nations.  Of course the real pigs were the greedy companies that have very profitable businesses, in this case swine farms with deplorable conditions.  It is due to their greed that pollution went beyond the confinement of the farms established by US companies in the states of Veracruz and Puebla in Mexico.  In 1985 Smithfield Farms received a fine for polluting the Chesapeake Bay in the US.  Under the NAFTA agreement using the name Carroll Ranches they created a new corporation ‘Agroindustrias de Mexico”, that was able to establish itself with no control over their production.  The first sign of the pandemic that is going around came from La Gloria, Veracruz, Mex., at one of their swine producing ranches.

NAFTA has created this and many other cases in which the native people have traded their  modest living locally for exposing themselves to pollution in their countries, or having to leave the country to look for work in US.

The fall of Wall Street that produced the fall  of ‘Main Street’ was due to the greed of those who inflated prices and created bubbles of overpriced goods that finally left row after row of unemployed, broke ‘clients’ who followed the lead to ‘spend, spend, spend’, not thinking how they were to pay back.

The main actors in each one of the scenarios that are hurting the middle class and the poor in the West and the ruin in the third world, continue to be sheltered by their wealth.

The common people everywhere are asked to ‘take steps’ not to become infected, protect others of the contagion, remain at home even if they cannot get any means of subsistence, and above all have patience, because this eventually will go away.

Could this be an opportunity for Third World countries to review their NAFTA and other similar kind agreements that endanger their people?

The ‘pandemic’ it is an eye opener to review all sort of ‘exchanges’ both internationally and locally. Greed has to be controlled by the people that are being affected by it. 

When you question where the milk, meat, eggs and bread on your table come from you begin to stop greed from controlling you.





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