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  • Edición impresa de Mayo 17, 2011

In this so called melting pot that constitutes the US, where there is representation from every country, there always is a call to send aid to places that have had some sort of catastrophe. There is a continuous effort throughout the country to raise and collect funds to help people who have been left without anything. Is there any relief effort from foreign countries to the US at this point?

In every corner of the United States one can find pockets of people from Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania and when something hits hard back in their countries of origin, they rush to procure some sort of relief to ‘their’ people.

Currently the United States has been hit with five weather disasters since December of 2010. Snow storms, tornadoes, floods and storms have inflicted unusually high disasters, hitting populous areas such Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, North Carolina, etc. Every week FEMA issues a declaration of disaster in some zone in order to provide resources to those who are suffering the consequences of the terrible weather events.

In some cases, the government has made the decision to flood entire farming areas in order to prevent flooding that will ruin entire cities. Such is the case with the ongoing Mississippi River flooding and having to release the levies to protect the people.

The generous people from United States are trying to help their neighbors. There are numerous groups sent by churches and organizations that are trying to look for survivors in tornado destroyed places. Churches and schools have offered shelter to others and people are getting organized to help in some way.

The question is: Do other countries wait for a formal request of help, or is it motivated individuals that get the relief efforts going? Has United States at any given point in history requested help?

I do not know the answer to this, but I very much admire the resilience and strength of the many individuals who have spoken of gratitude, faith and hope after losing all.

Life has a way of bringing back whatever you have sent out; therefore the people in this country will see their reward.

A short while ago I read that the way to move into life is to bring an immediate end to judgment and to move into gratitude. In doing so you move away from disappointment and negativity and you begin to experience a feeling of well-being.

Maybe it is because fear ceases once you realize that you can survive and have a good life without many of the things you thought you needed. A lot of false appearances had become real, and by a change of luck you are given the opportunity of creating a new understanding of life that surpasses your physical surroundings.

Once you are no longer afraid of dying, you are no longer afraid of living. So, welcome to life. This goes not only for the survivors, but also for the dreamers, the immigrants and all those whose hopes have been crushed, but their spirit is very much alive. They will find new places, adventures, resources and lots of love wherever they choose to go.






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