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  • Edición impresa de Mayo 19, 2015

Graduation season has begun and we want to congratulate every student and family involved in such a big accomplishment. Many times we feel that the parents do not receive enough credit for the event taking place, even though we all know that without the support of the family many more would not make it to this day.

It takes a lot of dedication for a student to reach the final stage of high school, college or university, but it takes even more for the parents to feed, clothe, transport and nurture each student day by day. And that does not include the mood swings, bad behavior, lack of consideration and many other instances that are part of required ‘education’, that go beyond reading and retaining book contents.

Today many of these young people have reached an important step in their development. They have arrived to the top of this first dream and now they have realized that a new mountain is on their landscape.

Children who finish kinder go to primary school as that first step, and after 5 or 6 years they go to middle school, and the next step is high school, completing a total of 13 years.

After that stage, young people consider going to college, and those who have finished college, will make up their minds about graduate school or work. In either case, new steps on the ladder have to be taken because there is no end to learning and moving forward.

Let the young people savor their triumph today, they are getting ready for the next task in which they will continue to need more or less support from those who care for them.

As members of a big family we are all part of that chain of love and care for the young people. The teachers, administrators, doctors, nurses, along with parents, and even city and school administrations have helped this dream come true.

Maybe that’s the reason why we are filled with pride as we see each one of the students come forward and receive their diploma. We feel that they the students are part of those thoughts for a better future, where young people will take over and a new world full of possibilities will start to happen.

As Orrin Hatch once said: “There is a good reason they call these ceremonies ‘ commencement exercises’. Graduation is not the end; it’s the beginning.”

And we know that the person who graduates today and stops learning will be an uneducated person after tomorrow.

Let life become your college! There is more to life than good grades and learning by the book. Now is the time when all those good thoughts have to come alive as you start to use your knowledge in daily life. All those classes that you took must be put to test in your daily routine at work or another type of school.

You will not have time to look for answers in a book, or check the Internet. You will have to rely in your thoughts and ideas. The importance of studying is not how much you accumulate, but how much has really settled inside you in ways that make you work and live with others as you co-create new opportunities.

As you move into your future, you will be working alongside with all sorts of people, including your parents, and former teachers, professors, acquaintances that looked at you as a young person, and now have to treat you as an equal.

If as a community we were invested in this common dream to see these students succeed, now we have to be ready to let them work along at the same level.

Congratulations students. This is your time! You have graduated!




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