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  • Edición impresa de Mayo 3, 2016..

Thank you for all the love!

This is the time of year that I like the most. In this particular year where there is so much hate and ill feelings against immigrants, I am enjoying it the most. In the midst of so much animosity, we start to see the result of hard work, discipline, but above all it is the fruit of love.

During graduation time we applaud every student who graduates from any high school, trade school, college or university.

It takes the effort not only of entire families, but also teachers at all levels, education administrators, health care providers, business people and entire towns dedicated to offering the best to young people.

The students do their part too. Besides having lots of fun and laughter, accompanied with good amounts of reading, writing, searching, all that is sprinkled with love from every family member and friend that surrounds them.

Getting up in the morning to provide breakfast, letting go of personal interests and desires, and many times small daily sacrifices in order to support a student is like a long and strong chain of acts that make possible the outcome of victory after many years.

Statistics and reports talk about the many difficulties the schools face in order to provide a good education. Many times the school grading does not take into consideration the teachers’ dedication and preparation for each day. You cannot measure the amount of time and dedication that it’s involved in teaching content to students with little or no English. Their results on the diverse tests they are offered differ from the average of the native English-speaking students. Nevertheless, at the end, the accumulation of all those efforts can be seen in each student who receives his/her diploma and looks to a brighter future.

One will never know if it was the encouraging smile of a teacher, or the daily prompting of parents to do better, or maybe the inquisitive face of a younger sibling, all those messages of love and caring are present there when someone graduates.

We will continue to be bombarded with numerous reports. Some will tell about the many students that are leaving the local public schools in order to attend more prestigious ones. This is a fact that affects the schools since the moneys supporting the students leaving will deplete the funds necessary for the entire population of students.

We are also told that more ‘marketing’ is going to be involved in attracting students to the schools by offering special programs. The reports indicate that several of our schools have an ‘F’. Meanwhile, according to the US News ranking in Indiana, Goshen High School holds place 33, among the best high schools. It also states that, “The student body is 50 percent male and 50 percent female, and the total minority enrollment is 51 percent” and the graduation rate is 86%.

Therefore I would like to affirm the work done by parents, teachers, schools and towns! This is the time to congratulate the students and each other!

We will try as we do year after year to bring the photos of many 2016 winners as they receive their diplomas from their institutions and we will continue to applaud their efforts.




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