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  • Edición impresa de Mayo 17, 2016.

Graduations continue and such accomplishments from the students and the effort of every family that has been part of that make you wonder about the next step.

The first step for college graduates is either continue to graduate school or look for work. Wanting to work goes along with paying the huge debt that has been accumulating in order to move ahead in the world. Sometimes the debt is so big that it will take them several years to pay back while trying to get a good start in the world.

Reading behind those facts and many others that will affect the coming generations we can ask, “Who has been making decisions for them, even before they were born?”

For decades there has been a tendency to disregard the needs and dreams of the people thus benefitting the interests that move the world.

So, now that we are approaching once more election time we can ask how many of you feel represented in government? Are there people like you in the country’s administration? Maybe in the State administration? The City administration? If the answer is no to each one of those, at least ask yourself if someone like you is represented on the school board or the city council?

It is important to acknowledge that if the city where you live has a high percentage of Latinos, that should be reflected in the composition of every board and decision making group in the city where you reside. The same applies to the state and even the country.

If you are not being represented it means that you have been used most of the time in order to get the vote counting for someone who does not recognize your existence or needs.

Going back to the graduates it can be said that they are the ones carrying the debt. They have done their share of studying and playing their part, but it will take many years before they get close to representing their own age group. Do many give up and decide not to further their studies? Maybe is because they don’t see the point of working all their lives to reach the lower step of a long way up and wasting their youth trying to emulate the successful people who are in control.

In the case of minorities the burden is more, since they will probably have to change their way of life, culture, and sometimes even their language in order to be ‘admitted’ into the circles of power. If we take into consideration several of these issues we may ask if currently we have a democracy.

The definition says that a democracy is ‘a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.’

What the definition does not explain is how the ‘representatives’ are elected especially if you need a huge amount of money to run a campaign, compromising with donors and supporters therefore compromising your integrity and ideals to those who provide the money.

At the end the representative is not representing the people who elected him/her, but is representing those who bought the elected representative. Good luck to all the young people who are graduating this season, may they have the courage and strength to be themselves and work for the wellbeing of all.




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