I feel sorry for babies been born today. They have to learn so much and people are proposing to start teaching them before pre-school. The age of innocence and play is over. Competition starts so soon that parents feel the need to cram children with as much information as possible.

Adults are also exposed to an avalanche of information that is overwhelming. The media in general give us a continuos coverage of the latest places of conflict. Usually the information is repeated and enhanced until you know it by heart.

Schools face the same problem in trying to cover all possible techniques so they implement new programs related to conflict resolution, violence awareness, etc.

I have doubts about all this use of continuos information that molds the character of children and people in general without letting them soak in the information and inviting them to reflect and gain knowledge.

There is a big gap between an ‘informed’ person and a knowledgeable one.

That gap causes us as a country to continue to change the technique to approach problems such as the “war on drugs” and now the “war on terrorism”. In both cases we do so without going to the root causes. The response in both cases has not been a reflexive one that would lead to a transformation, instead it is a cosmetic change that doesn’t let us see ourselves as part of the problem and therefore part of the solution. September 11 could have been an invitation to reflect on US foreign policies, instead it has been an opportunity to increase military expenditure and global militarism. The media inform us that the US is the world’s number one arms exporter and the world’s number one developer of spaced-based weapons. The media also inform us that the US is the world’s number one polluter . Several protests against globalization from people abroad and at home have gone unheard. Have we as a nation been able to learn anything about the issues besides being ‘informed’?

As an individual you reach a time when you must face your true values and discard the ones passed on to you without much knowledge. For example you learn that there is a difference between wanting and needing, you learn that serenity is not something that you get out of hypnosis, music or ‘time of’, on the contrary it is something that comes out of soul searching and self confrontation. It is also balanced with time to rest and have fun and not just making money.

As I said before, I am concerned about the children who will not have grandmothers and parents with enough time to pass on the jewels of knowledge. There is no time in society to embrace all that we are told is ‘needed ‘ to live well, and the time you have to spend to obtain . Therefore there is no time to spend passing on knowledge to children. We can pay others to fill them with information while dedicating to them something called “quality time”(whatever that means.)

How does that way of living impact the way the US does business at home and abroad? I’ll let you reflect on it and draw on your own knowledge.