My name is Aracelia Manriquez; I was born in Harlingen, Texas. Both my parents are Mexican. I have lived in Goshen since the age of three. I have three children. I am a member of St. John’s Catholic Curch. I graduated from Goshen High School, and most recently from Goshen College. And I am running as a Democrat in this election.

Why do I want to be the next Elkhart Co. Trustee? Well, I think that is time for a change. It is time that we treat people with respect and dignity. I think that whom ever is in that office should not look down at someone because they have to ask for help. Instead you should try to help them better their lives, so that they can someday help someone else in need. One should always keep in mind that you should treat people as you wish to be treated.

An account has been opened at the Farm Bureau for Friends of Aracelia Manriquez.