Juan Romo receives an award from Ken Tadeo, Counselor at Goshen Middle School. Goshen Community Schools held the third annual Turnaround Achievement Awards banquet at the Ramada Inn and Conference Center. The award is a way to recognize students who have “turned around” their lives by overcoming personal or academic obstacles.


The Grupo Folklorico de Elkhart entertained the people who attended the Grand Opening of Mega-Plaza in Goshen. The Plaza has several business and also an indoor soccer arena for adults and two small ones for children.


These two teen agers “Princesa” and “Rebeca” from Goshen Middle School try a hands on lesson in Spanish, making an Aztec handicraft called ‘El Ojo de Dios’(God’s Eye).


23 Million Mexicans living in the United States generate an economy equal to that generated by all Mexicanos south of the Río Grande. Part of our money goes down south to support our families and keep them from extreme poverty.


Trustee Report

By Mauven Coyne

Charles Cheek and Aracelia Manriquez, the two candidates running for Elkhart Township Trustee, spoke at a Public Forum at the Chamber of Commerce, on Monday, May 20th.


My name is Aracelia Manriquez

Why do I want to be the next Elkhart Co. Trustee?