June continued to be a month of graduations and weddings and both celebrations imply crossing the doorstep into a new way of life.

In the case of high school graduates, achieving this step, is like reaching a goal that in many occasions they thought impossible. Now they start escalating the next mountain.

Will they be able to attend college? What will they study? How are they going to pay for it? Those are among the questions that adults ask them daily. Maybe it is time for many people to start thinking of studying as a way of life. One should not just study for how lucrative the career might be, or how much you will get out of it. In order for it to be a wonderful journey after graduation, the same as after the wedding, it ought to be a time of wonder. If the journey is accompanied by internal growth, there will be joy during this time.

On the other hand, if the only goal is succeeding, gaining fame or money, they may end with empty hands.

Sometimes I wonder where the Latino youth is going. We want them to succeed in this environment, yet we know that the values they brought from their families should be strong enough to make them real persons. They have enough treasures inside them so that there is no need to compare themselves to others. They can hold their heads high knowing that there is a place for them in their immediate and extended families. They must take with them the kind of community organizing and caring that exists in the Latino families.

We are glad they made it through the first threshold, from now on they should look into their hearts, use their heads and weave a new life connected to those who have loved them.