The evolution of humankind shows how laws and rules have been created throughout history. It also shows how laws become obsolete and individuals begin questioning the rules until those rules or laws are changed. Current history is no different.

The problem of driver’s licenses in the United States is more than a federal or local problem. The reality is, that it forms part of a worldwide tendency to have foreign workers in the first world as less than third class citizens.

The same was true in other times in history such as was the case with serfs during feudalism, and slaves during the slavery period. At the time of slavery, there were laws that indicated who was a slave and who was owner, therefore creating a lot of guarantees for the owners and none for the slaves, whose entire lives from birth to death, including sexual relations were ruled by the owner. Nevertheless, some people questioned the law and the rules that enforced that law. We all know that it took a process, sometimes violent in order to achieve a change of the law, yet even today we continue to have gatekeepers who try to prevent participation of all races in the system.

Interest groups gathered to create laws that benefit them, and in order to put them in place they assigned rules to parts of the system like the law enforcement officers to make their interest the primary reason of the law.

When the law dehumanizes the needs of others and it turns into a cruel instrument of intimidation or it restricts the possibilities of normal living to others, then it is time to change our thoughts, values and laws.

Amendment for chapter 313 section 31301 (6) of title 49, United States Code, reads: ‘driver’s license’ means a license issued by a state authorizing an individual to operate a motor vehicle on public streets, roads, or highways” When did this statement change to include migratory status or state ID?

There are many immigrants in this land of immigrants. When did the old immigrants decide that the new ones should not have access to the right of driving?

Think about the possibilities of someone who has been living here for several years. He/she is working or studying, contributing to this society and yet is not allowed to use a regular driver’s license.

The change of regulation concerning the driver’s licenses has created a fruitful market for false documents. That means that the road is being shared by people who have a false identity, have not been tested, have no insurance, and whose license plates are questionable. In case of an accident with one of such individuals, who pays? Even more are we morally responsible for having cornered people into solutions out of the system? Do we continue to be blind to the changes that have to be made?

If the United States along with many of the countries of the first world has decided not to accept any immigrants, is it ready to take the impact of an economy without a lot of its lowest paying workers? And what about their houses, cars, expenditure, taxes, and input; is this country ready to stop this de facto ‘partnership’?

As a country we have reached a stage in which many things in our country have to be questioned. The world has changed. We have been the cause of much of that change. Are we ready to review what we have done and change it?