Open Letter to the World Community

Camilo Mejia is a true hero and a brave patriot. The war in Iraq was founded on Mr Bush’s lies and yet Camilo Mejia, like many of our sons and daughters, answered the call to defend our nation. As the days and weeks passed, our soldiers and the rest of the American people realized that Mr Bush was a liar and that this war is immoral, illegal, and destructive.

Now, with over 730 young American dead, among them my son Jesus, my Aztec Warrior, and more than 20,000 innocent Iraqi victims, many of our soldiers understand the deceit and the dangers that this war represents for the United States. They have decided they will no longer be accomplices to the killing and they have declared themselves to be conscientious objectors.

Believe me, such an act requires great bravery. After seeing the horrible photographs of the abuse of Iraqi prisoners, after seeing how our youth is being transformed into unfeeling beasts without respect for human life, we must realize that Camilo Mejia has chosen the most patriotic and valorous path to defend the United States.

To the American people I say, let us support Camilo Mejia, a true American hero. Send letters to your elected officials and newspapers, make calls to your local radio and TV stations, demanding justice for Camilo.

To the world community I say, let us stand by this valiant defender of life and peace, let us demonstrate in front of the U.S. embassies in our country and ask that Camilo receive justice and demand the end to the immoral occupation of Iraq. Demand the return of all U.S. troops now!

God bless Camilo!

For all the innocent children.

Let us struggle together for peace!

God bless the world!


Jesus Alberto Suarez del Solar Navarro Lance Corporal USMC

1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marine Division

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