Graduation time is here. The proud parents and students are seeing their dreams fulfilled. The young people have done good work, and now they feel ready to accomplish anything. They probably feel powerful and full of usable knowledge. Nevertheless, the new generations are expecting a real change and new opportunities for their young lives. Young people even though they like comfort, are questioning the way their elders think and live.

Maybe that is one of the reasons why so many youngsters are not participating in churches, civic groups or anything that is dictated by the common rules.

Now that violence appears any place and any time, we seem to be afraid to face the problems. Instead we choose to patch things up, forget the bad times and make believe that nothing serious is happening.

Adults try to smile before the situations, look the other way, or mind their own business. Young people question reality and are not satisfied with the standardized answers.

Do we tend to accommodate ourselves to things, just because we think that every problem is so complex that we are unable to make a difference? Or is it that we think about pleasant things and wait for things to change by themselves?

Is that how we stopped participating in local civic events? Are we too busy making money and pursuing our own interests that we do not have time for the meetings, appointments and commitments needed to take action?

Have we stopped caring?

I have news for the younger generations; beneath this apparent calm there is a lot of movement. The small city where I live is an example of this. People from all walks of life are gathering to question the reality that surrounds them and how to affect it. Not everyone agrees on the solutions, or how to go about them, but everyone is trying.

Distance, indifference, and lack of communication have been creating a gap that is been bridged with the new meetings, gatherings and commitments.

When problems are looked at as challenges, searching and creativity are the outcome and even though the regular media carry very gloomy news that we can not ignore, the good news is that everywhere in the United States and abroad the seeds of life and hope keep appearing like a new spring that the worst winters can not erase.

One day many of those points of hope will recognize each other and they will be able to work together in many causes. For the time being, we can respect, support and encourage every effort. We can applaud each and every family that jointly with teachers and educational centers worked hard for the graduate’s triumph. It is also their victory.

Every family or individual that is meeting their goals is another reason to be happy about. In the realization of the abundance of good, let’s gather strength and gratefulness to face the challenges ahead of us. This will give a way to seek profoundly and search for answers.