I confess that I know not where I am going. In this new process in the community where I live, there are several people who already have answers to the existing problems.

I have no answers, but I do think that I can work with others who are also looking for different ways to approach the issues.

There are several ways to look at problems. One of the ways is to look at a way to fix the problem. The faster you find an answer, the better. This quick response, even though it is necessary, is not enough. It does not try to reach a deeper knowledge that may bring about more effective and holistic answers to the challenges.

The other way to look at issues takes longer. It has no guaranteed answers. Nevertheless, it paves the way for a growing experience. Looking for answers also creates the opportunity for personal and spiritual growth. In this process, one starts to see individuals in a different light. There is room for collaboration and mutual respect instead of trying to outsmart others with real or fake knowledge.

It seems that the traditional ways of communicating with each other are bypassing the general public.

Trying to find common ground with others is a new journey. Somewhere along the way, we have lost the ability to really listen to others without planning how to respond to them.

Today I want to share about this new experience which may be known to native people of many lands. It is no longer used because ‘logical’ thinking assumes this way is primitive.

After a gang related problem in our city, several people came to a meeting. There were no answers at that meeting. There was no agenda, and it took some time to get adjusted to that idea. Usually you attend meetings where the organizers have already established a goal and already have the steps

prepared to reach that goal. In this instance, the goal was to start a dialogue about issues with no previous charting. How exciting it has been to be able to listen to people and see their willingness to explore new situations.

Nowadays, we are facing the failure of the traditional methods of communicating, learning, and teaching. We are called to create new ways of relating to each other in ways that are not boxed in by racism, classicism, nationalism, and other classifications and stereotypes that do not allow us to reach out to each other as just human beings.

This is a lesson that as the human race we are able to pick up momentarily when faced with a tragedy such as 9/11, or a tsunami. This is when we leave everything behind and the only true thing is that each one is a human being capable of helping and reaching out.

Peace is something that we build together, but we have to face the situation with courage and resourcefulness. To believe in a fast peace is to think that one can enjoy a ‘fool’s peace.

I am not embarrassed to say that I do not know what comes next in this process. I feel that it is a great step to be able to feel vulnerable and to be ready to learn and walk with others. I know I am not alone.

There are millions of people everywhere in the world who are questioning the present and looking hopefully toward the future.