Memorial Day

In a unimpressive pro forma act, Mr. Bush held an emotionless ceremony for U.S. soldiers who died in combat.  In his speech, he referred to those who have fallen in the criminal and immoral war in Iraq:

Thanks to their sacrifices, he said, “two terrorist regimes are gone forever.  Freedom is on the march and today the United States is safer.”

After a noticeable silence, the president invoked the memory of the fallen who died “defeating the terrorists, advancing the cause of freedom, and creating a more secure world.”

“Only God knows the names of the people buried here but a grateful nation will always remember their bravery and sacrifice,” he added.

When I heard Bush’s words, I could feel only anger and nausea because of his cynicism and immorality.  Can the United States be safer today if we live in a state of siege produced by the fear the president himself has fostered?  Does Bush show his gratitude by showing respect to those of us who have lost our children, by admitting hissin of sending them to a war based on lies, and by accepting responsibility for their deaths and the deaths of more than 100,000 Iraqi civilians?

Will Mr Bush admit that the innocent Iraqi children who have died were victims of his lies and shady dealings?  Yes, Memorial Day is a day to honor the fallen, but it is also a day of sorrow for our families, a day of mourning, and a day on which we should reflect upon where Mr Bush has led us.

Today, more and more families have been destroyed, thousands of young people have come home wounded in body and spirit, and their numbers will grow everyday if we do not stop Mr Bush’s aggressive policies.

My only hope is that next Memorial Day we will no longer see new names added to the roll call of the dead.  Memorial Day may be a holiday but it should not be a day of rest.  Instead, it should be a day to renew our struggle to stop the deaths of our children and the destruction of our future.




Que dios les bendiga.

Atentamente: Fam. Suarez del Solar.


Jesus Alberto Suarez del Solar Navarro Lance Corporal USMC

1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marine Division