Violence and military efforts are well organized all over the world.  In fact we are trained to accept the way of life that is linked to  “struggle”, “fight” “compete” and many other ways of looking at life and others as “the enemy”.

 We are seldom trained in ways that make us live in peace with everyone and with earth itself.

Is there a place where children and youth can go to learn how to live in peace?  On the contrary we can send them to boot camps camouflaged under terms such as ‘summer camp’ and we can also teach them how to be skillful in order to be competitive in the world.

Of course this is the philosophy of if you know more, you can step on others as you go to the top.

Is it utopia to think that there is room for peace in the world?  It is almost logical to think that we are in the hands of the military mind that has taken over the world and a military industry that needs clients everywhere.

Sixteen years ago when my family and I came from Colombia, we brought stories of explosions, murders, street violence, kidnappings and so much blood and fighting that it sounded like we were talking about a thriller movie.  At that point we also brought a message or warning especially for the Mexican people.  We thought that the wave of narcotraffic and arms that had swept over Colombia was moving towards Mexico. We talked about the social fabric that is ruined when that combination of drugs and violence takes over a country.  It is not only the big drug-lords and small sellers who affect society.  The harm is done family by family as the drug money and its power permeates every part of families, towns and cities.

After several years and an “aid package” for 4 billion dollars to Colombia, 90% of which is represented in arms and military training, the amount of drugs has not stopped.  In reality the influx of arms and military training has increased.

The Mexican border is now facing the same problem of violence and there is an ever-increasing trade of arms going into Mexico.  We will have a militarized border under another name, and paramilitary groups that ‘oppose’ the immigrants. Once more we have a highly explosive situation that may become another war zone.

Who benefits from all of this? Who gets the best clients and money?

Above all how can all of us be trained and train others in non-violent ways to live everyday life?  

Every dollar spent in oil and plastics that are its by-product, is one more step towards arms and death.  Everyday the media tells us of all the reasons to “fight” for freedom. We have freedom now to spend and continue abusing the earth and our neighbors.

How much time and energy is left to spend in life giving projects if our energy is drained from having to be alert to all the military actions on earth?

I am very concerned with the Mexican border.  Should you be concerned too?  And if so, how can we assess and foresee the damage to their land and ours before it happens?