Latino Leaders Meet with Advisors

Indianapolis ­ Latino and Hispanic leaders from around the state including representatives from East Chicago, South Bend, Ft. Wayne, Indianapolis and Evansville met with advisors to the governor and the City of Indianapolis to create the Indiana Statewide Latino/Hispanic Association (ISLHA).


Senate: Make English official

Historic vote on language provokes passions

The Senate on Thursday voted to make English the national language of the United States, a historic move that arose out of its debate of comprehensive immigration reform.


 Joe Smith started the day early having set his alarm clock

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Keep this circulating

Creative entertainment was provided by the Latino organizers of “Dancing for a Dream”. Sarahi Baez and Omar Espinoza and Alexandra Leal and Hugo Baez, (the winners), were among the couples who performed during the month of May at the Margarita’s Conference Center in Goshen. (photos: Axel Hernandez)