We wish well to each and every one of the new graduates from high school and college.  I wish them a bright and interesting future, full of challenges, but also with plenty of possibilities.  I also wish they may be able to outgrow the world they are walking into.

Most of the academics they have been taught are right.  Things like math, science and even language arts continue to be correct; how we use them has to be completely reviewed.

It is going to be difficult for the younger generations to revise all the rules, regulations and laws that we have created in order to build unfair power that gives us an upper hand over the materialistic world that surrounds us.

Those laws are becoming obsolete and it is up to the new generations to change the way in which we relate to each other and to the earth.  Therefore, the economic and politicalâ laws that constitute our world have to change.

We cannot continue to exploit the earth as we do now, thinking that the bounty is limitless and that some people have ownershipâ of the resources that belong to all on the planet.

We see how the corporations have created the rules that pollute the environment at all levels such as control of the use of water to benefit the interests of their shareholders over the health of the general population.  They also are the ones that advocate for the use of nuclear energy even though there is no clean way of recycling the byproducts from it.

The big corporations have successfully lobbied for a monohybrid agricultural mode that puts small farmers out of business here and abroad, while it endangers the multiple local seeds that constitute the patrimony of the specific environments.

We live in a world where for the sake of hegemonic clientele small groups of people with their own languages and traditions are overrun.

In order to have all these rules and regulations running smoothly, we have created a lot of enemies; people that have been hurt by NAFTA and similar agreements that have been created to favor a few over the welfare of many who are driven into poverty and despair.

The new generations may have the opportunity to give peace a fair chance.  They will be able to reconsider if it is worthwhile to have an ever-growing military budget while the social needs of the nation are not met and at the same time we foster destruction and human loss abroad.

I hope the coming new generations will be able to forgive us for all the pollution, hate and violence that they are inheriting.  May God give them the humility to acknowledge the sins of their culture and have the strength and courage to make a better world.