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  • Edición impresa de Junio 3, 2010

The Soccer World Cup 2010 to be played from June 11 - July 11 is a very important event for Latinos everywhere.  I am singling out Latinos, even though many others follow the events, because during an entire month the cup will enchant people.  There will be games to be taped and some will even skip work in order to watch them live.

For a while the floods, volcanoes, storms and political and financial circumstances will go to the background while people watch the games.

Meanwhile the power players in different governments will take this opportunity to close deals.  Politicians many times have been called illusionists because they have much in common; they both have to draw our attention away from what they are really doing.  And in both cases we have paid them to fabricate lies and we accept what they do.

The key to this kind of magic is misdirection, fooling the audience into looking in the wrong direction. They both use misdirection to get you to look over here at this hand while the deed is being done with the other. Romans used to say: "Bread and circus for the people while we rule".  In other words just keep them distracted.

When something happens anywhere in the world, especially if it's a tragedy, we get oversaturated with the same piece of news again and again.  No analysis or background of the causes is given.  Just the same repetition until we believe what is being said.

Let's take one issue.  There was an earthquake in Haiti this year that not only killed many people, but also most structures in Port Au Prince were destroyed.  For several days we heard about the fundraising, donations, people going to help and so on.  Nothing was ever mentioned about the role played by more than 10,000 NGO's present in Haiti for several years without changing the situation of poverty in the country.  The moneys probably were mostly spent in studies and supporting staff, usually made up of foreigners.

Why were so many interested in Haiti even before the tragedy?  That we do not know, because our attention was directed elsewhere.

A short while ago I was asked to help plan a forum on Colombia.  My proposal to the planning committee was that we could try to focus on several issues at the same time.  For example we could have a big map of the world where we could pinpoint places of interest, minerals, oil and water in different countries, at the same time we could note if there are any armed activities in such areas and who is providing the arms, training, etc and whose interests are they protecting.

On the same order of we could inquire about 'Coltan', a mineral so important that the Republic of Congo has suffered more than 20 years of violence produced by those who want to control an element that is needed in every communications related appliance in the world. Unfortunately, future mining places have been found in Venezuela, Colombia, Afghanistan and Mozambique. It is been said that those who control 'Coltan', will control communications. Who is interested? Did you know about it?

Or, what is happening to Bolivia's large lithium reserves, which are necessary to power everything from cameras to laptops and electric cars.

Our 'poor', underdeveloped countries continue to be robbed of their richness. Do you care?  Probably not.  Life is hard enough as it is, with all our attention focused on the immigration reform, the Arizona law, and police profiling.  Can we think about what happens in other places?  The ones who are seizing control of this bounty are counting on that.  But don't worry; if there are going to be more low paying jobs the people from the third world will be called to fill them, while their native lands are being looted.

Are we all going to be watching the World Cup?







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