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  • Edición impresa de Junio 21, 2011

Given the current unsolved federal government immigration policy, the states and cities have taken upon themselves the task of ‘searching for individual solutions’ to the national federal issue.

At all levels there are forums, meetings, informational and educational gatherings where the people involved can take the time talk and call for another meeting at a later date.

The meetings have a political tint as they accommodate to the area’s political interests, but they have no decisive impact on the immigration issue. Even though anti-immigrant laws have been signed and approved in at least 10 states, the fact is that they are not the federal law and do not have the last word.

Nevertheless, the immigrants, undocumented or not, are the ones suffering the consequences of this ‘civil dialogues’. They cannot be present to be part of the discussions. Those who are part of the dialogue engage in an ‘intelligent discourse’, while the regular media, and the forums open the door for people to express themselves against the immigrant population. Most of the presentations do not involve factual data, nor do they look at the historical facts surrounding the increase of immigrant population in the US.

It is understandable that frightened citizens who do not understand why there is so much scarcity, lack of employment and less government assistance, blame the newcomers and not the ruling class of the country that has been showing its true colors of greed, dubious business connections, lack of morals, many of the characteristics that once were criticized about third world governments.

It is frightening to think about the huge debt to China, the selling of ports, highways, and even parks to foreign companies, to realize that a year and a half or two have elapsed and still there are no jobs for them. It is also scary to think about the increased cost of gas and how that impacts daily life while the big corporations and banks continue to be subsidized.

Something has to change for United Sates to recuperate the standard of living they were used to. There was a time when people in US ate local healthy, non-adulterated food instead of food from foreign countries. ‘Made in USA’ labels were a guarantee of good manufacture Nowadays one sees labels from all over the world. They are from the big subsidized companies that took labor out of the country and brought back cheap manufactured goods. They have part of the responsibility for the lack of employment, here and abroad. US agribusiness is also co-responsible for the displacement of peasants abroad who the lost their land and now are picking tomatoes in the fields here instead of in their own countries.

All this is to say that the real reasons for the bankruptcy and scarcity in the country are not open to dialogue and ‘civil discussion’, because it is inopportune and politically inconvenient. Instead the blame will be placed on the immigrants, who suffer the heat from comments like the one from Senator McCain who blamed the Arizona forest fires on illegal immigrants, even though a U.S. Forest Service official told CNN on Sunday that there was no reason to believe illegal immigrants were behind it. I don’t know if they will be blamed for the forest fires in the other 7 states. According to the St. Augustine Record from Florida, firefighters from several agencies were busy with three separate brush fires. Lightning is the suspected cause of all three fires. Given the current illogical and hateful anti-immigrant climate maybe the immigrants will also be blamed for this.







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