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  • Edición impresa de Junio 5, 2012

I am having a hard time trying to understand how business investments work in the USA. Every year at this time I once more think of the tremendous investment wasted in this country.

I do not have the exact figures, but on the average, about 71% of American students graduate high school each year. So, that would be around 2.5 to 2.8 million graduated students. Some place the national average cost per student in public school at $8,626 per student per year. Where the business goes sour is that each year approximately 65,000 undocumented students graduate from high school, many at the top of their classes, but cannot go to college.

That means that taxpayers have contributed to the education of 2.8 million and it is the expectation that they will go on for further education and full employment, thus joining the numbers that pay taxes, social security, etc and help support the growing numbers of the retired elderly population.

Therefore it is twice as bad business, not only not getting your money’s worth by helping create opportunities and employment for the coming generation, but also asking 65,000 thousand of them to please voluntarily step out of the country that raised, nurtured and supported them.

According to law young people in United States have the right to primary and secondary education. Going to college is optional, but many of them work hard to obtain further education. For undocumented children that is close to impossible. They are trapped in a legal nightmare that has no end.

They did not ask to come into the country. Nobody asked for their opinion, nor were they given any explanations.

Most of them did not find out they were undocumented until they wanted to get a driver’s license or inquired about financial aid for college. They were raised as Americans, with the hopes and dreams instilled in them by teachers, religious leaders, community members and some times even family.

What were they supposed to expect? They were given this culture and were told that this is the country, where if you work hard enough, you can fulfill your dreams.

They felt proud participating in academic challenges, sports competitions and they learned to excel. Now they are told to put their lives on hold. They are not allowed to work, nor can they afford further education.

What a waste of talent! What a stupid investment! What a lack of feasibility studies with sound data that might project daring plans for the future!

Others could turn to new opportunities abroad. After all they could go back to their countries of origin with new skills, they are bilingual and they want to succeed. There is one thing though, they believe in United States. They were educated here and their loyalties and dreams are tied to this country. They really want to be part of the life, culture and economy of this country.

They know little, but they know more about business than the ones ruling the country. They know that if they are allowed to, as an asset for this country, they will invest in the future, and their future is here.

I hope this country has an answer for the high school and college graduates who have worked so hard and want to remain here.

Let’s hope we can honor the dreams of every child and allow ourselves the pleasure of seeing every one of them succeed.






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