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This is the time of year when many proud individuals and families show the results of hard work studying whatever field they have chosen..

In this issue you will see children graduating from kinder, high school students graduating after 12 years at school, adults who have earned their GED diploma, college and university students who are ready to work on their own fields. Behind each one of them is a core of people who have supported them, cheered, or scolded them when necessary.

Not only the family, but the educators, social workers, academic advisors and even government planners have been involved in the success of each and every student.

Still there have been so many changes worldwide, that this is a time of questioning and re-evaluation about what is being taught and why.

Many of the young people graduating from high school have already gone through their college search, not quite knowing what they want to pursue. They have just finished twelve years of subject filled schedules, passed the required tests and prepared for graduation like preparing for war.

During these years students have been drilled about taking certain subjects, doing volunteer work, shadowing professionals, visiting colleges and most of all trying to figure out how to pay for college. Fishing for scholarships, writing essays and visiting campus where admission officers tell them about their possibilities increases their anxiety and headaches.

Why all the agony to continue studying? Is it that the student is enticed to learn more, or is he/she encouraged to make a sound business investment in their future? Do they study to have the satisfaction of blossoming and furthering their knowledge of the world and the universe? Do they ever have the time to stop and question their spiritual route?

This is a time of joy and applause, and I do not want to dampen the mood. On the contrary, I want more for them! Each of those students deserves the best that society can offer them.

It is encouraging to know that through studying and hard work, many of the dreamers have been able to benefit from DACA; they will have the opportunity to be part of this society without looking over their shoulder because of their documentation. But before that step, there was a step of courage from them that taught all of us a lesson.

Their firm decision to step out and claim a change did not only come from the books, or the civics classes been taught at school, or college.

Even more the decision did not come from the wise advice of older people, telling them to be careful, not talk too much and be careful with what they said. They gathered strength from numbers, reflection and the will to change a situation that had been oppressing them. I hope their lesson continues to resonate throughout the nation as a lesson of ingenuity, determination and organizing.

Nowadays when every politician is trying to earn points by talking and planning about immigration, these young people are leading with their actions and the knowledge that comes from life itself. They have been through the university of life. They have worked hard creating a new way of looking at issues and working on them. Society has responded to their actions and in doing so, we are all learning the new lessons.

Congratulations to every graduate! A whole new world awaits you, and you are making it possible!




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