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The country is changing, and what we see now is the product of many years where thousands or probably millions of US inhabitants were involved in that change.

I am talking about the increased number of Latino graduates that year after year continue to be part of this country. They bring a history of struggle and hope.

The number of students graduating does not represent a homogenous group. Like the history of the presence of Latinos in this country, they represent several waves of presence in the country, and even though there are different political views, they still think of themselves as Latinos and also as part of this country. For those who are third or fourth generation, the struggle to be here is more related to social and financial barriers.

Their parents made sure that they would have a better chance to move upwards. From that generation on it all depends on how opportunities appeared, giving them the opportunity to settle down and open up opportunities for the next generation.

The new arrivals encountered a place with many restrictions, where survival had been the main mode. Nevertheless, thanks to hard work from the immigrants and the support of welcoming communities, the children have adapted better to the new environment and even manage to graduate.

This page in history has no way to be turned back. The Latinos are here, and they are staying. The many children born in this country have all the rights granted by the constitution, therefore, very soon they will have the ability to vote and claim their parents as residents.

The new graduates represent the effort of entire communities that have welcomed the foreign families. We have seen the effort of every school corporation, working not only with the students, but also bridging the cultural and language gaps with the parents. We have noticed the effort of most police departments and city administrations, teaching the new arrivals about the rules of the place. For that they have held workshops, forums, and established committees to work with the new arrivals.

All these progressive people have ensured the peaceful change of communities, where the foreigners have responded even during the tremendous struggle to learn the new language and culture and while earning a living at very low wages.

That’s why we as a society made up of many diverse peoples, feel very proud of the individual accomplishments of the graduates, but we also applaud the hard work and dedication of parents, along with the care and dedication of city administrations, school corporations, non-profit organizations and churches that have contributed to this triumph.

A new page is been written in history, and we are all part of it. The work of peace and love has been stronger than those who have opposed the presence of these children and their families. In places like Goshen, Indiana, there were 360 graduates, 158 of them are of Latino origin. Take a look at the lists of graduates of your local high school and give them a big applause because new times are here, you have made it possible!




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