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  • Edición impresa de Junio 21, 2016.

There is a lot of movement in the Latino community and many good things are happening. For people who have been here a long time maybe is not surprising to find that Spanish surnames keep appearing everywhere, showing that there are Latinos working in all fields of work.

In a country where Latinos have been part of its history even before it became a country, it is only now that huge numbers are becoming apparent on the national scene.

Quoting Carlos Esparza in Contributions To The USA.

“Hispanics are greatly diverse people. Their cultural and linguistic origins are Spanish and Latin American, regardless of race and color. They can be of European, Indian or African descent, or any combination of these three. They can have cultural ties to Mexico, the Caribbean countries, Central America, South America or Spain itself. Once considered a regional phenomenon in the United States, Hispanics are now found throughout the country Spanish was the first European language spoken in North America, and today, the U.S. is the fifth largest Spanish-speaking country in the world. In addition to the names of rivers and mountains, there are 2,000 or more cities and towns in the United States with Spanish names, which appear in every state in the union. The state names of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado,

Nevada, Montana and Florida are Spanish. Geographical terms, such as arroyo, sierra, canyon and mesa are of Spanish origin.

One of the greatest attributes of Hispanics, therefore, is their willingness to mix, and, by doing so, they have created new human relationships, life styles, cultural forms and values. Because of this experience, they can help find solutions to the barriers, prejudices and stereotypes that have divided us as a nation along racial and ethnic lines.

The current generation of Hispanic Americans is uniquely suited to help bring about a new day in U.S.-Latin American relations. It is more bilingual and bicultural than past generations; it is more familiar with, and sensitive to, the cultures, values, aspirations and institutions of Latin America and the United States. These are important qualities in helping to mold a new and mutually satisfying relationship, a relationship based on common understanding, respect and purpose.

In small cities and towns where the Latino presence begins to be noticed, Latinos must make an effort of working together and supporting each other in their efforts in every field.

In the near past there was a pattern of making critical comments about the efforts, and sometimes sabotaging the work, of others. A new way of looking at each other has to change that pattern.

The art of living and working with others is something that we must accomplish in order to move forward and also help build a clear path for the next generation. Since we have been raised in a very competitive world, little by little we forgot how to work together for the common good, without trying to benefit ourselves at every step.

The traditional collective values from the several places of origin may be kept and nourished in order to balance the individualistic trend that is learned in United States.

A blend of the good from both cultures may give us new opportunities.

The younger generations are mastering the way to know and perform in this culture, but let us hope is not to the detriment of the family and collective way from their origins.

Becoming “American” in such a fashion places the younger generation at the end of the line, having to learn how to scale to the positions of power. Instead there has to be a new way of moving forward without compromising values and tradition.




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