El Puente was meant to be a community based newspaper that would record the history of the people in a small portion of the United States.

El Puente was born in Michiana, U.S., and it was like a pilot plan to organize community and serve them in the best possible way.

Even though El Puente has served a small community, it reflects a macro cosmos of a wider scope. Small communities are the voice of the common people. Their voices carry not only concerns but also accomplishments. There is pride when there is a close relationship within a diverse society. It also brings a voice of alert when minorities are not feeling comfortable with a given situation.

El Puente reflects the contribution of many independent members of the community; Latinos, Afro-Americans, and Anglos. Each one in his field brings a word of wisdom to the readership.

As its name indicates, El Puente has been a bridge between the many cultures that constitute the Latino population and the community at large.

El Puente has established an ongoing link with the city administrations of South Bend, Elkhart and Goshen so that people can take part in their respective cities.

After ten years of work with the community, for the first time I am writing from abroad. I have been in Puebla, and team work has made this issue possible.

This goes to prove that El Puente continues to have life because it is linked to the lives of poeple in the area.

Congratulations to them and all.