I witnessed some good news today. I know that there are many places of conflict on earth, places of death, violence and desperation, but today I had a glimpse of hope. I saw the final soccer game between Germany and Brazil at the World Cup 2002 Tournament. Brazil won the World Cup. The Brazilians were joyous and many Latin Americans echoed that feeling. As people cheered and some of the players danced, jumped and screamed, the camera focused several times on three men. The men were kneeling down, with their foreheads close to the ground, oblivious to everything that surrounded them. The narrator could not figure out what they were doing. The cameraman kept coming back to them. There was a different kind of excitement felt when people realized these three men were praying.

While other were celebrating, they were thanking the Lord. Under their playing shirts they had been wearing a white shirt that read:” I belong to Jesus”. Then other shirts started to appear with signs like ‘I love Jesus’ and ‘100% for Jesus’. It was a powerful testimony. Later on, before receiving the cup, most of the Brazilian players, the coaches, trainers and delegation gathered in a big circle, held hands and prayed.

In the same line of thought, I still see many things that are not working well for the Latino people in Indiana. We still have to work on many of the challenges that we face by living together. But there

also are good news here. This past June 11, I had another moment that energized me. I was able to gather with people from several places in Indiana. The common link; they are working with Latinos. For two days, there was an exchange of information, sharing stories and experiences. I was able to see the dedication and enthusiasm of these people at the meetings.

Many times we keep looking at life on the dark side, and we forget that the Lord is working in our midst. We believe more in the stories created by the news that make us focus on the growing problems. Do we think that evil will reign? No, It won’t happen if we keep looking towards the light and follow it.