Jeannette Noltenius Ph.d, Executive Director of the Latino Council on Alcohol and Tobacco (LCAT), visited Indianapolis on her way to Fort Wayne during May of this year. Dr. Noltenius was the keynote speaker for an event organized by Hispano-American, Inc. and shared her knowledge and experiences in the fight against tobacco and alcohol in the Hispanic community.

Dr. Noltenius was welcomed by representatives from Latino Institute, Indiana Tobacco Prevention and Cessation, the Mayor’s Office, the Mexican Consul, Honorable Sergio Aguilera, health organizations and Barnes and Thornburg.

Dr. Noltenius received recognition from Ricardo Gambetta on behalf of the City of Indianapolis for her tenacious work and her support in the fight against tobacco and alcohol in Indiana.

Dr. Noltenius graduated from the University of Paris, Sorbonne, with a doctorate in the social sciences and lives in Washington. As Executive Director of LCAT, she works very closely with the national coalitions focusing on alcohol, tobacco and substance abuse.