O’Bannon says Indiana will recognize Mexican ID card

Governor Frank O’Bannon said that state government will accept the matricula consular - a Mexican identification card - as a form of identification for Mexican nationals.

In a letter to Sergio Aguilera, the Mexican consul in Indiana, O’Bannon noted that the card, which has been accepted by the mayors of Indianapolis, Fort Wayne and East Chicago, is a valuable tool that will assist Mexican nationals who want to open bank accounts and likewise will assist law enforcement agencies that would otherwise have to spend time establishing identities.

“As the crossroads of America, Indiana welcomes people from across the globe,” the governor said. “Recognition of the matricula card as valid identification will help Mexican nationals conduct business, live their lives and feel welcomed in our state.”

The state Bureau of Motor Vehicles accepts the matricula card as a secondary form of identification for someone seeking a driver’s license, although separate proof of legal presence in the state also is required. Various law enforcement agencies, including the Indiana State Police, also accept the matricula as proof of identity.

“The decision of Governor Frank O’Bannon to recognize and accept the matricula consular as an official form of identification is a recognition of the contributions that Mexican immigrants make to the state’s economy and diversity, but it is also a confirmation of the importance of the strong economic ties between Indiana and Mexico,” Aguilera said. “My country is the second largest trading partner of Indiana in the world, with annual imports of more than $2 billion in goods and services, which support around 45,000 to 50,000 jobs.”

The matricula card is issued by the Indianapolis consulate office after Mexican officials verify an applicant’s documents. The card, O’Bannon said, incorporates the best available technology and contains safety features, both visible and invisible, that give it a high degree of reliability.