When I was little I was told to be careful addressing grownups, because one had to be respectful. Now that I am old, I am told that not to agree with the government is unpatriotic. Somewhere in between, I have been told the many ways to conform to the establishment, be quiet and be nice. I still have not learned that lesson.

Have you also heard comments like; “ We elect people to represent us, and they know better”!!!!?

I did not believe such affirmations as a child, and I do not intend to take similar affirmations at face value.

I think most of the time we are getting the right kind of propaganda that influential people want us to see. I also think that it is about time we really pay attention to the voices from the poor everywhere in the world.

Something is awfully wrong if every day we have more poor people and less rich ones. Somehow such situations of injustice can only bring violence. If we in the United States can continue to talk about the ‘crisis’ in other latitudes, yet we are able to go home, watch TV, have supper and go to bed, then either we are not getting the accurate information about the conflicts, or we have chosen not to care. After all, if it’s that big, then let’s be happy with what we have and’ pray’ and hope they will do well.

I will quote Walter Lippman ”The news and the truth are not the same thing”. Do we dare know the truth? Or maybe we decide that it will affect too much our way of life?

If we elected a government with our votes, financed it with our taxes, and are passive before the actions taken by them, does it mean we are endorsing them? Do we have certain responsibility for their actions?

We have become so used to moving in a sea of disinformation, that even our natural instincts have become numb to reality. We cannot read anymore the signs on people’s faces, on the rivers, the sea, and the air.

Last week I read about the white pelicans in North Dakota. They arrived as always for the mating season. As always, there were thousands of them, but this year they disappeared. They left their nests, their chicks and eggs behind and they are gone.

There are no carcasses, no indication of poison or apparent threat, but they left. Also the big turtles in Goshen are leaving the river and are walking away from their environment.

They are ‘animals’; they read something that we could not.

Do you feel like a ‘superior animal’? Can you read the signs, or will you continue to believe everything you hear?

If animals take some action, what ought we as ‘superior animals to do?