Last night I went out and looked at the stars.  The night was clear and one could see thousands of them.  It felt peaceful and beautiful, and then I remembered about people in other places and I thought, people in Beirut must also be watching the sky but only to see where the next bomb is going to fall.

Turning the sky, which is synonymous with heaven into a machine of death and pain, is something that no people should suffer.

Once more the Middle East is on fire, and the world watches and hopes that the war does not escalate.  Lebanon has suffered many stages of violence and for many this is just one more.  Nevertheless for the children and young people this is an affirmation that human beings are cruel, violent and deadly.

Why are we able to watch the stars in peace while others must live in fear?

Who gives the army of any country the power to invade and kill?

A short while ago I was invited to speak to a group of men in Elkhart.  Most of them were veterans and during our dialogue I was able to learn several things about a mentality or psyche of nationalism and patriotism.

They spoke with pride about old wars. They had strong remembrances of liberating people during WWI.  They also remembered Korea.

I argued that the military power is taking control of the world and in most cases they are helping those who rule over defenseless masses.

We spoke about the kind of wars occurring lately that are associated with oil and power.  They continued to speak from the past.

For them if that was the right solution then, it should be the one used now.  They believe in a strong army that would defend the country from any possible Pearl Harbor.

I do not have any military training, but my plain common sense tells me that as the years pass, we have more training, more arms, those arms are more lethal and people live in fear of what might happen.

I wonder what would happen if rich countries would invest in people. That is, if they invest in spreading good by letting others live and not ruining their land, or taking advantage of their products.  It is possible that big armies and arms would not be needed.

Humankind has made history by conquering, humiliating and killing others.  Yes, history is written from the viewpoint of the conquerors!

 For people in places like Beirut, Baghdad, Afghanistan, there are no skies full of stars and we may never know their thoughts.