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  • Edición impresa de Julio 7, 2009.

In the independence celebrations of each country there is much pride for all the accomplishments, but let us recall some aspects of ‘independence’. In the struggle for independence every territory on earth had an armed struggle, shedding blood, and exchanging the rule of one group for another, yet, as human beings we continue to be dominated by low passions like greed, that have enslaved others and created profound imbalances on earth.

In the change of fortune of each territory the large masses have paid many times over with their health and wellbeing, for the nationalistic songs of the ruling classes.

We continue to see everywhere the fight for power between countries and also within the borders of a given country like in the case of Honduras, which by no means is unique. At many other places the same plays for power take place with more or less success.

As human beings other quests are taking place. Maybe the time has come for us to free ourselves from the things that because of the so-called ‘progress’ have enslaved us.

Are we free now to have access to clean water and air? Are we free to enjoy non-tampered food? Is the access to such freedom the privilege of just a few?

How dependent are we on oil, plastic, humanly altered seeds and other form of things that have accumulated much wealth for some and at the same time have impoverished entire zones and countries?

Who gave some the right to exploit the planet, the animals, and the people in the name of progress?

If we are free, then how come there is so much drug dependency? People continue to look for a safe place in drugs, alcohol, tobacco, food and sex without finding any solace or safety.

Human beings have a tendency to consider themselves above creation; that is we feel entitled to abuse everything on the planet. We also forget that other species have been extinct but only the human specie is capable of engineering its own extinction and also that of other species.

Some individuals may feel that they accomplish their personal goals just by taking care of themselves. That sounds very enlightening and wise. It also sounds cold and it disregards our collective reason to be here.

How much personal independence and freedom can you guarantee for yourself, and how much of it also depends on the independence of those who surround you here, but also on those very far away?

In the midst of the latest celebrations I have watched people not truly enjoying the events, the fireworks and entertainment. While the financial situation has affected the personal lives of many to a point of changing entirely the way they live and think at the same time it is expected that they live past glories, applaud and continue to watch for the next move that will affect their lives.

How free are you to dance, sing and enjoy life today and how long can you guarantee that it will last? Above all how much of that joy has brought about spiritual awareness and a change of goals?

Let us hope that we can all strive for true independence for all and for the earth.






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