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An old Chinese story tells about a seeker who fell off a cliff and was left hanging from a bare root while a hungry lion awaited him above.  He could not go up because the hungry lion was there, but also another hungry lion was waiting for him below.  In the midst of this very difficult situation, with no way above or below, two mice appeared on the scene and start to chew on the root that he was hanging from.

What to do in such predicament?  Well there was a juicy looking strawberry nearby so he reached out and ate it with great pleasure.

As we look at our journey we sometimes are like the man hanging from the branch, but whoever looks from below or above only sees one of the lions.

There is always a tendency in people to look at only one or maybe two sides of an issue. By doing this we look at the world as a world of opposites; we draw a definite line between “to be” and “not to be”, “to have” or “to have not”, and in that dual mode we do not see the one and another instead of one OR the other.

An easy way to manipulate a child into making the decision we want is to confront the child’s mindset of not wanting something by asking him/her: “Do you want the red or the blue jacket?”  Regardless of what the child chooses he/she will pick what you have pre-selected for him/her, therefore he/she does not have to think through the matter and you have made up their mind for them.

With the current national situation, even though we would like to think of easy solutions to the problems in theUnited States, the situation is very complex and it covers an entire array of colors, far beyond the black and white that most people would like to consider.

 Arizona law sb1070 has split the immigration issue wide open and there are no easy answers.  Several other states have stated their desire to support Arizona’s law and would like to implement similar laws in their states.  While the debate was heating up, a list with more than 1300 names appeared in Utah, inviting officials at all levels to deport the undocumented named in the report.

The list contains Social Security numbers, birth dates, workplaces, addresses and phone numbers. Names of children are included, along with due dates of pregnant women on the list. Most of the names on the list are of Hispanic origin.

In a letter included with the list the writers say their group “observes these individuals in our neighborhoods, driving on our streets, working in our stores, attending our schools and entering our public welfare buildings.”

Not only the people on the list, but also their relatives, friends, and even those who knowingly hire them, are left hanging.  Everybody is waiting for someone to fall.

Where is the strawberry for each case?  Do they have to seek individually, or as a society do we have to look for the answers?

Given the financial situation in this country, do the people who think that driving out of the country 12 million or more immigrants will fix their insolvency, lack of employment, health care, etc?  If all the immigrants were to leave, would the people who are driving them out be capable of moving the country forward to a place of surplus that was enjoyed nine years ago?

There are questions for everyone, and strawberries to be picked by the seekers.






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