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  • Edición impresa de Julio 17, 2012

Currently there is a continuous bombardment of ideas and information that reaches me from different directions. Each one in its field looks very important, yet it is not fundamental.

For instance, following the political developments both in Mexico and US in the electoral year, people are inclined to some political analysis and after the protests in Mexico related to what many think was a fraudulent election, I could see especially the young people expressing their opposition to the status quo, yet unable to formulate a change. At the same time many of those who gave their ‘bought’ vote or not, had continued to struggle with daily life and all their energy was thrown into achieving a better present, with its implications of work, food, etc. For them the party was over, there were no more speeches or promises to be heard, nor could they spare time to attend meetings when there are needs to be met at home.

I imagine that to a certain extent, that is part of the equation known to politicians. They are aware of the fact that their true ‘followers’ are few and they have enough positions to assign them as rewards for their support. Therefore the rest of the populace is of little importance to them.

In another field I have been listening to the predictions for the year 2012. There is multitude of web pages with plenty of information and diverse approaches of all sorts that go from the apocalyptic ones to the spiritual ones. One of them explains about the sacred geometry and the cycles of life.

When I embark on some of these readings, they expand my mind and give me a sense of universe and the infinite. It also shows me how little I know about very important things.

Above all, presently I have been following the paths of pregnant women. I remembered a poem I once wrote to a friend who at the time was expecting a baby. The poem talked about the role of women on earth.

A pregnant woman has this sacred task of bringing into the world a new human being. When her due time arrives, with all her strength she fights Life and Death to meet her destiny and her child. Courageously she reaches out and extends her hand until she knows that the baby is ready and from that moment on, she defies death, until she brings life!

I cannot imagine a more profound and beautiful moment than this one.

Thousands of women everywhere renew the cycle of life that has been instilled in our lives. We can speak of statistics, talk about facts, but nothing can erase the glorious moment of birth.

In many ways people that go about living their daily lives, enjoying what they have. They are not only living the present which is the only thing that is certain, but also they are paying tribute to life itself and the mystery and wonder that surrounds each human being.

Today, beyond the many political agendas, immigration issues, and predictions allow me to dedicate this humble editorial to every courageous pregnant woman in the world.






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