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Summer is the time when things look easy and fun.

While most of Latin America follows the soccer world cup with intensity and eagerness, at the same time it secretly enjoys every time one of the Latino countries wins over the old continent. It does not matter that the political agenda changes for the worst in the individual countries. At the time when all eyes are on the ball the politicians have their hand on a different game.

Colombians forgot about their recent presidential elections. Central Americans ignored the thousands of women and children fleeing from their countries of origin, crossing a very unwelcoming Mexico and flooding the United States border as their last chance of survival. Therefore, as all eyes and cameras are on the World Cup, tragedies continue across the world.

I also want to recall that in December 1914, during WWI, there was a famous truce when both British and German soldiers had a friendly Christmas game, and for that short while they forgot about killing each other and only exchanged enthusiastic kicks and runs. Subsequently they resumed their war positions and continued to kill each other.

Likewise, we have had this summer break to forget about common daily things; after all summer is a time to enjoy life!

We congratulate the new graduates and wish them well in their new endeavors, while we know that they have a very difficult task ahead of them. Currently getting a job is not the easiest task, and trying into get to an affordable college is close to impossible.

Likewise people continue to encourage others to hold demonstrations, send letters and move the political agenda on the immigration issue.

Nevertheless it’s very clear to them that there shall be no immigration reform soon, or the influence such demonstrations have on the general US public, or the legislators, is minimal. In other words it all amounts to wishful thinking. We wish the best for all involved, but deep down know that a positive outcome is almost impossible.

What is the true agenda behind all these events?

Has it always been like that throughout history? Romans use to say: To keep the people happy; give them bread and the circus! Can we enjoy the circus and not forget about what comes next?

Laughing, eating, gathering and shouting for joy are always welcome. All families have the right to enjoy a little bit of the famous moments of the main players. The media fills the time with stories about each one of the characters and, like in soap operas, the public laughs and cries with the daily drama. During each one of the episodes we forget about the unpaid rent, increasing debt and lack of resources.

Night after night, with eyes glued to the screen we immerse ourselves in somebody else’s reality. Every morning we face our own reality. What can we expect after the World Cup? What can the new graduates expect after their hard earned diplomas?

We will know after the next episode is over.




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