Latinos have a way of living life at a different tempo. There is time for conversation, visiting and caring for others. Work is very important, but people are more important than work.

According to Latinos you work to live, you don't live to work. Relationships and the time to nurture them are key concepts in weaving a safety net around individuals.

The concept of insurance or pre-paid funerals is still foreign to common people. If someone has an accident or illness the entire family has to help. If there is a death, the funeral arrangements are covered by many people.

When moving out of their culture, Latinos have to adjust to cultures that believe on nuclear families and the individual care.

It is difficult to understand a society that doesn't allow daily time for just talking and enjoying each other's company. Latinos make no excuse to stop anywhere and just talk. Meetings and work gatherings are not the welcomed opportunities. There is no separation of age or gender in any type or celebration or gathering. Babies, grandparents, old maids and teenagers gather in the same space.

There are no friends from work, others from tennis, and yet some others from some hobby. On the contrary friends from all walks of life have access to one's life.

I just came back from Mexico, and I can recall four very old men sitting on a brick fence talking and looking at passing people. On that same informal bench I saw younger men later on the evening, and adolescents at night. It was the neighborhood's balcony! The old people had the first row every day!

I would like to have a first row balcony later on life, I hope I can go back to Latin America to see and hear the people talk and laugh.

United States is good place to work, but time to live is scarce here.