The ideal place would be to have everything that one wanted and not have to spend the rest of your days being afraid of losing it.

In some of the Latin American countries it is very difficult to have money, or to spend it. Either you are born into money and from then a child is placed in the best schools and has to keep grooming him/herself in order to maintain status, or a child is the sole hope of a middle class family that invest in him/her, everything they have in order to move ahead.

In either case, after the child has reached the appropriate age to take his/her place in society, he/she will spend the remainder of their time scared to death of losing their status, or their money.

I have met people in life, who have lived ‘second hand lives’. They have spent all their energy and precious time escalating to some ideal place in society. This individual will have to speak, wear, study, eat and reside in a very definite way that will make his dreams come true. Every day is lived for tomorrow, and then tomorrow finds them with empty relationships and empty hands. At the end of their days they have to buy company to keep them safe, and in comfort.

I always thought that this way of thinking was prevalent only among my Latino brothers and sisters. I was very surprised to find that it has become almost a way of life for an entire country.

There was a time when United States had an open door policy towards the world. That has changed. Nowadays, everyone who enters US, or resides here is subject to scrutiny because the government is afraid of terrorists.

The unfair relations held by the US government with many countries now are reaching a point of saturation. In how many countries must US have troops in order to have the world shaped into its image? And as the protection of their trading companies deem necessary to ask for help, how many times is the US government going to interfere in other countries, creating a more unbalanced relation among the local groups? How much money, time, energy and how many lives are going to be spent to protect the interest groups that have helped create the current international situation?.

There was a time when people from US, could go anywhere in the world, to visit and spend their money, How many unsafe places are there today for US citizens? So, many times, money is not enough, to feel safe or happy. Maybe this is a good time to invest more in people. That is where the future is. Many empires have fallen and people have gone bankrupt, and those who have more interest in keeping things, are the most scared, and they face the greatest loses. Because where your heart is, your treasure will also be found.