Why is it worth to study at a Community College?

Community Colleges are unique within the educational system in the United States because they bring higher education within reach of millions of people who might not otherwise have a chance to go to college. One of the biggest differences between universities and community colleges is that community colleges do not have dormitories; they are commuter schools, situated close to highways and major roads so that students can reach the campus easily from the surrounding area.

Two words that describe community colleges are “flexibility and affordability”. Many students take only two classes, scheduled before or after their work hours, during the evening, weekends, through individualized learning, distance learning programs or web classes. At Sinclair Community College, we have students ranging in age from young children in the summer programs to senior citizens At Sinclair, we help you turn your dreams into realities.

Why should you consider a community college for your or your children’s education? The reasons are several:

The degrees offered at community colleges include associate degrees for career programs or for transfer to four-year schools. Nationally, statistics show that those students who transfer from a community college to a public university perform at the same grade point average as students who began their education at the four-year school

Community Colleges make high quality education convenient and affordable virtually for everyone. Tuition is lower than four-year colleges and universities. At Sinclair Community College, we offer the lowest tuition and fees per quarter hour of credit in Ohio - $36.85 for Montgomery County, $60.15 Other Counties and $99.35 for Out of State and Foreign. More than 50% of college freshman and sophomores nationally attend community colleges. Nearly two thirds of the students attend classes part-time.

A majority of Community Colleges have an open admission policy; this means that virtually anyone who applies will be accepted. An Associate’s Degree can be completed in two years. Certificate Degrees can be completed in nine months or less. For those students interested in a bachelor’s degree, they can save money during the first two years of their undergraduate studies, then transfer to any four-year institution to complete their bachelor’s degree. Sinclair Community College is a fully accredited institution, and credits earned may be transferred to other institutions.

Written by: Lilly Calderon

Hispanic Liaison, Office of Admissions

Sinclair Community College

www.sinclair.edu or call the Hispanic Hotline at 937-512-4060.